N ascence is an Advisory and Research firm that provides consulting and research services to a wide variety of clients. Our goal is to work with clients and their teams to co-create tangible and value-adding solutions to their challenges.

With a strong collective of management consultants, programme managers, research associates and industry experts, we aim to bring together a wide range of experiences and fresh thinking to resolve our clients challenges.

As a firm we live by a set of values that define our culture and how we work:
  • An environment for open thinking and respectful engagement among ourselves and our clients.
  • We do only work that adds tangible value to the client and society
  • Reflecting high ethical standards and transparency in all aspects of our work
O ur approach is simple and client centric. Our commitment to social debate means we initiate research topics for social discussion, using various media and public platforms.

For our clients, we tend to follow their needs, discussing first the questions they ask so as to arrive at a solution that meets their needs.